Factors To Consider While Transporting Your Camper, RV, or Trailer Across the Country

Your RV is a home away from home, which explains why you love it. When it comes to shipping it with a professional transport company, the stress is quite understood. Be rest assured, there are good reliable transport companies who will take extreme care and precaution of shipping your RV or trailer. Just know some basic facts about the shipping process including pricing, how is it done, and how to ensure safe shipping.

While shipping your camper or RV, safety has to be your topmost priority. You cannot just get your camper or RV loaded and hope for the best. It is all about choosing a team of licensed and insured professionals who would carry your trailer across the country. Ship A Car, Inc offers you complete trust and peace of mind helping you with every need that comes along transporting your trailer. 

How is your camper shipped?

There are three kinds of services for shipping an RV or trailer

  • Flatbed service: It includes large trucks and flatbed trailers. This process is used to haul multiple campers or RVs at one time and for long-distance.
  • Tow away service: This service involves the RV being hauled to its destination with special equipment and trucks for safe loading and shipping.
  • Driveaway service: This method involves a driver who will personally drive and ship your RV to the destination. There is no need for any additional equipment or vehicles. 

How much does the shipping cost?

The cost of shipping an RV or camper depends on three factors:

  • Calculating the weight of the trailer, whether it is a small or a large one
  • Distance to where it needs to be shipped
  • The service which is chosen for shipping the trailer

Usually, the longer the shipping distance, the less expensive will be the cost per mile. On an average, it costs $3.32 for a mile for less than 100 miles of RV transport. However, it costs $1.05 per mile for less than 1000 miles of RV shipping. 

Moreover, you might have to pay more than the average price while shipping an RV. Factors like –

  • Seasonal changes
  • Vehicle condition
  • Fuel costs also affect the shipping cost of a camper.

Prepare your RV for shipping

Getting your camper ready for shipping well in advance before pickup ensures that your vehicle will arrive in a good and safe condition.

  • Take care of any service or maintenance issues before the shipping
  • Secure latches, doors, windows, cabinets and take down any items hanging on the walls
  • Turn off all electronic appliances
  •  Check that all lights are functional like parking, brake, indicator lights
  • Check for any leakage
  • Check the battery
  • Check the pressure in all the tires
  • Visually inspect for any cracks or tread wear
  • Ensure parking and service brakes are functional.

Make sure you take pictures before loading and after unloading too. Check with your insurance also as there might be some extra insurance costs with your RV shipping. Doing your homework well ensures you get a safe and reliable shipping service. 

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