Rolex definitely is amongst the best instances of what the Swiss market creates. Indeed, when you ask the ordinary person to call Swiss brands or watch brands, Rolex right away appears. For most non-aficionado, Rolex is Swiss. End of the tale. This is true nowadays. Because, as unexpected it may be, at least for some, as lots of understanding about the origins of the brand name, Rolex isn’t born Swiss. While brands like IWC or Omega have been created on the foundations of manufacture, later changed into a commercial entities, Rolex did the other way around.

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Rolex has been developed in 1905, not in Switzerland; however, in Great Britain, in London to be specific, under the name Wilsdorf and Davis. Very same, its creators were not Swiss. One, Hans Wilsdorf, the representative number behind the brand and its head for years, was initially German. The second one, Alfred Davis, his brother-in-law, was a Brit. As a matter of fact, every little thing began with a commercial entity, with the one only goal:

marketing watches, as well as not manufacturing watches. During that time, Rolex wasn’t producing a solitary component and was sourcing dials, hands, or movements at a few of the best Swiss suppliers. This circumstance lasted for a long, as well as it is just during the contemporary age that Rolex became the correct integrated manufacturer. Before that, they were setting up parts from outside providers. Which does not remove anything to the top quality of their watches, as Rolex had a drastic policy in regards to sourcing, for example, activities from Aegler, and bracelets from Gay Freres.

The Rolex firm remained active in London for 14 years, till 1919. Certainly, shortly before that, the brand started to make a few components internal. Yet, they promptly uncovered that Switzerland was the best alternative when it pertains to the manufacturing of watch components. This is why in 1919, Rolex transferred to Geneva, where the head office is still today. In 1920, the firm Rolex SA is signed up.

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